Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just hanging around....

Good morning everyone. I just finished reading your blogs and ya'll have some great entries today. I also put some clothes in the washing machine and sent some e-mails out to friends. I am going to my step-nephews birthday party this afternoon. He is turning 2 today. I bought him this cute little spiderman backpack and some hotwheel cars...he's going to love it. Well, I'm off to do some hands are itching for it!! :)
More journal pages coming soon...


  1. Wow...that sounds exactly like my Sunday so far...except I have to do homework right now. :(

    Anyway, I love your journaling technique. It's awesome. I wish I keep a journal like that. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely Sunday! Happy Bday to the little one - I bet he loved his gifts!

    We spent our day moving stuff and cleaning and getting ready for the painters to come...

    I can't wait till this is all done and I can unpack everything and get my art/crafts room back to normal! :-)

    Have a great week!


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