Saturday, February 23, 2008

Too much on my brain right now

I got my batteries in...yay!!! I am excited...I can take pictures again!!!
I have started art journal #3. This one should last me a while because it has lots of pages. I am having an easier time with this one because there is no spiral in the middle. It makes my pages look a little better when there isn't a break in them.
This is my "wrecked" journal. I am having so much fun creating it. The video project I was trying got scrapped. It wasn't working at all and totally pissing me off! I decided to just take pictures and show you all that way. I really did destroy it pretty good. ha ha!!!! :)
My brain is out of whack this morning. I think I slept too long. I want to do so many different things at one time that I can't get anything done. I might have to slow down for a minute and breathe....ha ha!!!
I hope ya'll have a good weekend.

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Julie Brill Molina said...

Oh I love your wrecked journal! I started mine but then I stuck it on a shelf and haven't re-visited it for a while. Must get it out and drag it through the dirt!