Saturday, February 16, 2008

Need battery...

Here are some more journal pages. I have been trying to get more pictures and my video going, but I had a little snag in the plan. The battery to my camera went out. It just won't take a charge anymore. I am totally going to have to search around at different places to get one. I am dying without my camera. I take pictures of everything and I haven't been able to for a few days now. Oh well, sometimes these things happen. Hopefully I will be able to find one somewhere this weekend. We'll see!! Have a good day everyone!!! :)

*Called around for a battery, but none of the stores carry it. They said that we have to order it online. My hubby found one on a site for $6. I was excited because I thought that they would be expensive. I ordered two just in case one went out next year too (you never know). The only problem is that it will take almost 10 days to come in. Ugh...I don't know if I can last without my camera that long, but I guess I will have to, huh? ;)

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