Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just thinking one day...

I had a tiny revelation the other day. It came to me while I was in one of my daydream moments. I am usually so worried about whether my art is good or not. I used to always get aggravated with myself because my art wasn't "real" or "normal" looking (I hate those words don't you?). You know what came to me though:

If I created something perfect all the time on the first try then it wouldn't be FUN to do art anymore. There would be no more "mistakes" to cover with gesso or paper, no more layering because something just doesn't look right. My art would be BORING if it were perfect all the time.

Now, get out there and create. Don't worry about whether it's "real" or "good", those words have absolutely NOTHING to do with our art. Create: Scribbly art, ugly art, awesome art, art with food, art with grass, colored art, black and white art, any art you can think of...just create something that is for you, something that means something to you and don't worry about anyone else. If it makes you happy then it is perfect (for you). :)


  1. Yes, my is a journey...what will make you happy are the things that are simple.

  2. I enjoy seeing your pages...they're so free, so real. Love the colors, layout, textures. Art doesn't have to be classified as "good" or "bad" to just has to reflect your feelings, thoughts, or inspiration at the moment you created it. That's the true beauty in art.

    That's sometimes the hardest part about getting over those self-doubts, and feelings "is it good enough", worrying what others think....I struggle with it at times..and I know other creative people online who have the same's natural. But I agree with you...just create. Play, have fun with art and colors, designs, techniques..whatever you what makes you happy. If someone likes it that's great. If they don't - oh well. To each their own!

    You learn and grow by experimenting, playing with art, and sharing...

    By the you have any interest in art-swapping? I've not participated in a swap yet...but have thought about it some.


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