Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is some of the artwork that is hanging in my house. I did these for my art classes in high school.

I haven't been into doing "real" looking things since then. I have always had this problem with what to draw. It was easy in art class because they told you what to draw, but when I was at home or even now I always ask myself "What do I draw?" I would totally aggravate my family with this...I was constantly asking this question.
I think I am hiding behind my "art journaling" because I don't have to draw anything that looks "real", it can just be squiggles or whatever. A part of me still craves the "real" drawing that I used to do, but I am scared because I am so out of practice and I am afraid of it looking bad (as usual) and I don't know how to stop asking what to draw.
Please someone help me with this problem, please give me some advice that will make sense to me and jar my brain into knowing what to draw!!!

Coming soon: a video of my "wrecked" journal (if I can get it to work). ;)


harts4Him said...

Your artwork is STUNNING!

Check out some books from the library that have art pictures in them and you can get some practice drawing/painting them. You are very talented! Don't let not having something "original" to draw OR thinking it is not good enough hinder you from going forward. You have talent sweetie and there is much more inside if you will let it come out. Don't be afraid of it!! Share it with the world and all of us who can't draw worth a lick.

Much love!

Retro Girl said...

Your Starry night painting and fabric rendering are incredible! These other pieces are wonderful too! You're very talented.

I too, used to draw and paint more "real things" long ago, and just haven't gotten back into it. I think sometimes just drawing things around you can be good practice...there are groups/blogs on the internet that give prompts for you to draw from (I think there's one called Illustration Friday going around the blogs?) if that helps.

You can do a photo slide show on with your wrecked journal...I have one like that..I need to update and add pages...