Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tried a new technique today...

First, I got to a new sheet of paper in my notebook and peeled a crayon (not too much though, b/c it will break easier).
Next, I aimed the blowdryer right at the crayon and the page until you started to see it getting shiny (that's how you know it's melting). This does not take long at all, just a few seconds.
Then, I just started to draw with it (have a plan if you want because it does melt quickly).

I then used blue to mix with the yellow.

It mixes almost like paint would.
The more that it melts, the more drippy it becomes.
It only takes mere seconds for it to dry, too.
.If you don't like the way it came out though, just aim the blowdryer back at it and it will remelt and you can rework it.
I did these colors earlier today and wanted it more drippy.
So, I just remelted and moved it around some more.
Here is some more experimenting. I had fun with this for a while.
I hope you try it out and enjoy this process as much as I did.


Retro Girl said...

Really cool!

Traci Bautista does alot with melting wax, using crayons in muffin tins (melting in a toaster oven in the tin and then painting the wax on paper), and also using a quilting iron....if you are wanting to experiment further...She's been on craft-lab and has a great book out - Collage Unleashed - that shows tons of techniques for making patterned papers, including wax. I love this book!

wood-nut said...

What a wonderful mess.....XOXO

sirenofthedeep said...

Fantastic idea!!! I've been SO wanting to do some encaustic work, but finding myself a bit limited in the financial sector at the moment--and here's a way to play around with wax that's FREE! ***SO*** cool! Thanks for sharing, I'm eager to give this a try!