Saturday, January 5, 2008

New stuff...

Here is a book that I bought last night at Target (for under $20). I love it. When I first picked it up I just thought that it would show you different ways of drawing your own letters and things, but then...I opened it...
it was full of stencils. It had different sizes/shapes of letters. It also showed you different ways of illistrating them. I am going to have lots of fun with this book.

Here are some finished journal pages...I find that I go through spurts of creativity. Some days I don't know what to journal at all and some days I will have a head full of ideas. I guess everyone else has days like that too.

This morning I will be preparing some new pages in my notebook for more journaling later on. I will be gessoing and painting color backgrounds for other days. I usually have to put color down first because I can't stand to stare at a blank white sheet of paper (it is intimidating to me).


  1. That lettering book/kit looks fun!
    I have some letter stencils sorta like that, I picked up somewhere along the way...but have never used yet! (I forgot about them till I saw yours LOL) I really need to go through all my hoards of supplies.

    I like to sit and sometimes make tons of backgrounds, too. It's relaxing and sometimes really inspiring. Have you ever checked out the Visual Chronicles, or Journal Revolution books? I think you'd really like them. They're great for getting started...getting past the fear of the 'blank page' - which I also struggle with sometimes...

    Anyway---gotta run to work. Have a great week!

  2. oh, i love all the klutz stuff! and lettering = extra yummy.

    gah, your journals are amazing. really, truly amazing.

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