Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Stuff...

I got even more books today. I got " Out of Bounds: Scrapbooking without boundaries", "The Artist's Date Book", and "That's life: finding scrapbook inspiration in the everyday". I can't wait until I have a few days off to really tackle my artwork and get ideas/inspiration from these books. I hope to see some improvement in my pages or at least better ideas or something. In the meantime here are some more journal pages. These are some of my umm...less adventurous pages...if you will.

This is the cover to my second journal. I just glued lots of paper pieces and put a ribbon through it. I hated the feeling of the paint when I would carry the journal around (it felt like scratching a chalk board) so all I did was cover the whole thing in mod podge and that made it so much better. It made it shiny and smooth. :)
Keep creating (even if you don't feel like it, something will come to you eventually, if you just start)!!


Terry@quilt-nut said...

I agree with your last comment. Keep creating! You have a gift and use it well.Love you, Mom

Retro Girl said...

Like the layouts of the Woosh page and the one with birds!

Let us know how these newest books are...I may have to check 'em out.

Hope you have a Fab weekend!