Sunday, January 13, 2008

Journal pages...

Here are some journal pages that I have been working on. My brain has just been non-stop with ideas lately. I have almost filled up my second journal already (since November). It's great. I think the next journal I get will not have a spiral in it. I find that the spiral gets in the way and it keeps me limited to not putting stuff in the middle of my pages.


  1. Great pages! Good advice for you and for all of us! Very inspiring and a good reminder....invest in you - do what makes you happy and healthy in a way you can fit into your guilt, no stress, one day at a time and move on!

    And - use your dern supplies! (I have to kick myself to not hoard art and craft supplies!) I've been doing more writing/doodling in a private journal lately than I have been doing art....I need to find a balance between the two...and get creative! You sure do inspire!

  2. Thank you. All of you out there in blog land inspire me as well. :)

  3. Love all the pages!! You are quite talented. And yes, I agree with you, pups in sweaters are about the cutest thing!


  4. I love the pages about using your supplies!! I need to learn that lesson already!


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