Friday, January 11, 2008

Becoming Brave...

Since I have started this art journaling I have opened up alot. I am (a little) more outgoing and I have gotten a lot braver. :) This picture was taken on New Years Day. This is my cousins new pet snake and, as you can see, I actually held it for a little while. He swore to me that it wouldn't bite me as long as I didn't scare it or anything. I was scared myself, but it was actually kinda fun. Well, not fun exactly, but it was a new experience (one I won't be doing often ha ha). That snake (his name is Corny--it's a corn snake obviously) felt so weird while it was moving on my hand. He was kinda cute (in that slinky reptile sort of way). :)


Julie said...


I love my art journal but I think I'll be brave in other ways aside from touching snakes!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Retro Girl said...

You are SO Brave! lol.
I loathe snakes...*shuddering* and spiders too...I just couldn't do it! You go girl!

wood-nut said...

Yep, she pulled a baby bird out of a sticky mouse trap the other day.

What's next......making speeches? xoxox