Thursday, December 27, 2007


Here are a few things that I got for Christmas:
I got this cute rolling tote bag to bring all of my art stuff with me easier. It matched with this other pink bag I had bought awhile back.
I love this bag (it holds more stuff than you think it would).
My brother bought my husband and I these ornaments. They are metal and I wish I had a whole tree just filled these kinds of cute ornaments...I love them.
My parents got me this wooden shelf box. I am so excited about it. I needed something to hold some of my paper. I don't like that my different papers sit in a drawer because when I am on a creative kick I can't see them. This worked perfectly.
My husband gave me this straightening iron for my hair (he totoally surprised me with it). It is supposed to be one of the best out there and I totally think it is. I have already used it several times and it works great.

I will have more journal pages for you in a few days. I have been working a lot in my book lately so it is time to share a few.

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  1. that's a great flat-iron!! i use mine in the salon every day.

    good job, husband!


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