Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Project

Here is the new thing I am working on. You see I am a stamp collector and I have tons of stamps...instead of them just sitting in box, I decided to make something out of them. My mother in law gave me this cute vase so used my brain a little and decided that I should put them together. I absolutely LOVE the way it came out. :)

I am full of glue at the moment, because it was messy trying to glue those little stamps onto that curvy vase. This is one thing that will get displayed in my house. I think I will have to go to garage sales and things to find more vases to decoupage like this. (Maybe in lots of different shapes...we'll see).
Here is the finished product: Isn't it just so cute?!?

A close up of the stamps (most of them are stamps from other countries and very old).

Anyway, I did some more journal pages today too...


  1. What a clever idea for a plain vase. It is adorable!! Tres chic!

  2. Love the vase!! How cool is that?! You're a rockstar! :-)

    Great journal pages....

    I've not done any lately...have had alot going on...and have had "art/writing" block a bit...Home today recovering from some medical tests...blehh.

    Your stuff is great, and inspiring! Keep it up! :-)

  3. I LOVE that stamp vase! Great idea!


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