Thursday, December 20, 2007

A day all to myself...

I totally have the day off today (and tomorrow too). I have some Christmas stuff left to do. So far this morning, I have wrapped the remainder of our gifts. I am going to do artwork now. I will be trying to accomplish this from in front of the TV (on my couch). It's kinda hard to be in there while painting and stuff (there is always the chance of a mess), but I will be careful. I don't like sitting at my desk in my tiny little room by myself there just isn't any inspiration in there. I feel so closed up and bored just staring at a pale, neutral wall (maybe this is a good time to rearrange some stuff). I could maybe put myself in front of the window or something, I don't know, I will have to think about it.

This is the mess on only one side of my couch, you should see the rest of it. Yikes!!!

Here are some journal pages that I have recently finished:

I will be going to work on more pages now. I hope I can get the creative juices flowing despite all of this pouring rain/storms we are having today. I think I will make some hot cocoa and pop in my favorite movie (which one?...I have no idea...I have lots of fav's). I think that will help inspire a little. TTYL!!!!


  1. I love "The Angel is watching over me"

  2. Nice journaling. I like the artwork mixed in with the story.


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