Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We got thru it

I am going to be brave and put some of my work out there. Believe me, I am not used to being so open with myself (I am very introverted). I am trying to become a new me and this is how I am beginning. I have changed jobs, changed my appearance and now I am putting myself out there.

These are some of the first entries I have done. I really like how a page can start totally blank and empty and when you are finished it feels complete (like you really got those certain feelings out of your head and onto the page).

My mom had surgery today. She had a deviated sceptom, and a tube put in her ear. She got through it and she is better now. Tonight she was just really tired. I took the next two days off of work to stay home and take care of her. I will just have to fix her meals and give her some medicine. Piece of cake!!

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  1. Your pages are great! Wow we sound alot alike. I went through a ton of changes in the last two years (re-married, moved 300 miles away, new job, whole new life) and I am introverted too...and found it so daunting at first to share my art journal stuff online...but have found much inspiration, support and have learned so much from other artists I've met and chatted with online. I still am nervous sometimes, uploading a picture of my work...I struggle with confidence in my art all the time.

    You asked what a Flickr Group was?
    Check out the site - where you can upload photos for free and post them to your blog or whatever...Here's my Flickr Page This is where I put my photos and pull over to my art blog.

    There are Groups there on Flickr, that you can join (free) where you can share photos, scans or photos of your art, etc. The ones I'm in that you might like are

    Hope you find this info helpful or interesting.

    Hope your mom heals quickly...and feels much better soon. Take care of yourself :-)


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