Sunday, November 11, 2007


This is a woodpecker that has been eating up my aunt's tree. It really is beautiful and we like it, but she is afraid that it is digging so deep for worms that the tree will die. You should see some of those holes it made. We shoo it away every time we see it (except to take pictures of course).

I love taking pictures. I will just go out and take pic's of anything. I have a digital camera that I totally love. I don't really have to do anything and the pictures just come out gorgeous (no matter what the subject is). I will have to post some pictures up here to show.

Here is another journal entry (one of my first). "Whatever" is definitely my favorite saying. Sometimes that is how I solve things...ha ha. Goodnight everyone, I hope someone out there had a very creative day.

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  1. Wow - that woodpecker was very diligent in his work! lol. Maybe your aunt should call an arborist or tree specialist and see if there is anything she should do to save the tree and shoo the woodpecker.

    Like that journal page! It's so carefree!


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