Thursday, November 22, 2007

Off to our camping trip!

Last night we had a delicious dinner with my family (thanks mom and was yummy). It was an early Thanksgiving dinner because my brother has to work all day today (that sucks). I am kinda glad that it was early though because now we are able to go camping with my aunt and them. We went with them last year for Thanksgiving and had a great time, so we are going again. This time we are going somewhere that we have never been and my Aunt was excited to show it to us.

This was me trying to get all of our food and things packed last night. I finally did it and we don't have that many bags to bring. I was trying to condense it because we are staying in there camper with them and I don't want to take up too much room.

I definitly had to take my art stuff though. I am hoping to get some journaling done while I am there. They should be some really good pages because I will be out in nature and maybe be able to relax a little bit more. Hopefully I can collect some good collage items while I am out there. It is supposed to start raining later on this weekend so everyone pray that it doesn't...I really don't want our trip ruined.
I will have lots of pics when I get home...I am a picture fanatic...I never leave home without my camera. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!

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