Sunday, November 18, 2007

New journal pages

Here is my messy desk after doing lots more journal pages. I can't actually work on a clean desk. It's weird, I know! I guess it helps if I see little scraps of paper here and there and all the different colors and markers out to inspire me.
Anyway...Here are some new pages that I worked on this weekend. I actually made alot more, but I will save those for later posts. I had a very creative weekend with lots of ideas inside my head. There are actually tons more in there that I think I might try to capture today, too.

It's a very good day to do that because it's just rainy and nasty outside so I don't think I will be going anywhere.

Yesterday we bought a new printer/scanner/copier. I am so excited. We have never had one (we always had to go to my mom's house to copy or print anything). I plan on messing around with it later and trying out different things.

*I couldn't mess with the printer or even finish this post until just now. Our electricity went out in the middle of my posting. Thank goodness it saves on its own or I would have lost it all. I have been reading this afternoon, it was nice to finally sit down to a good book and think about nothing else (especially while the rain beats down on our tin roof).

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  1. Your pages are all great! Lots of emotion in them!

    Thanks for the posting the link to your background stamps...I'm gonna check 'em out...

    I haven't had as much time for art this past week...Gonna try and take my journal and some stuff with me on the road for Thanksgiving...

    Hope you have a great holiday!


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