Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Messing around with some new stuff...

I was sitting in my livingroom watching "Sex and the City" last night. I totally love that show. I own every season of it and I literally watch it from beginning to end over and over again.

Anyway. I was doing my journaling while watching TV and I wanted to show you these cool new rubberstamps I got. I really like how they make some of my pages extra special. I will have to show them to you when I am finished with them. I was using the stamps with acrylic paints because I hadn't gotten any stamp pads yet.

This is the new magazine I got yesterday, too. I was reading a blog recently and they said this was the mag. that they used and I can totally see why. I really like how the pages are so bold and glossy. It should really enhance how some of my journal pages come out.

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  1. Those stamps look so cool! Haven't seen those type before...where would one find them?


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