Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm free!!!

I am off of work today. Actually, I will be off of work alot because I quit my job about a month ago. It only just became official today (let me explain). I work at a daycare and it really takes a while to find good teachers so I told my boss that I was quitting, but that I would stay until she finds someone she is comfortable with to take my place. She hasn't found anyone yet, but she asked another substitute if she would take my place temporarily until she finds someone permanent and she said yes. I am really excited about that because that means I am free. yay!! I will still be substituting over there when they need me, but that won't be everyday. I just didn't want to work full time anymore and subbing gives me the part time that I want. I am happy with my decision to quit. I didn't realize how much working with the kids stressed me out until I left. I worked with the toddlers (14 of them for 2 teachers) and that is a hard age. I did it for about 6+ years and I figured that it was time for a change on my part.
Anyway, I am staying home today and doing housework...ugh...I know. I am trying to force myself to do more around the house (I am totally lazy). You see, I have this wonderful husband that spoils me and doesn't make me do anything that I don't want to do (which usually includes housework), but now that I don't work full time I need to do more work around the house.

It's Christmas time again...We put up our tree last night (while watching "A Christmas Story"). I love when we have our tree up. I could just stare at it for hours at a time. I love watching the blinking lights (I could totally get lost in them).
I am almost done shopping too. I just have a few things left to get and then it will be time to wrap everything (my favorite part).
I have to get going now. I need to finish my work before my dentist appointment today (just a cleaning so I am okay with it) ha ha!!! Have a happy day!!


  1. I quit my full time job of 12 years, when we moved from Ky to IL 2 years ago. Boy was that scary, uncertain but SO liberating! lol. I used to hate housecleaning (wait..I still do! LOL) but I decided since I have this time now, I dedicated every Wed. morning to laundry and cleaning. I put on the old iPod and get it all done in about 2 hours. Then I reward myself with the afternoon in my art/craft room to do whatever I want.

    Your tree is great! We haven't gotten ours out yet. I gave away my green artificial tree to a friend about 5 years ago, and got a silver 1950's looking one instead. I only put red balls on it....I love it but sometimes really miss having a regular Xmas tree, as I have TONS of special ornaments all packed away....maybe I need to go get a green one again? Hmmm.

    Happy Holidays!!! *HUGS*

  2. The pompom garland is awesome!!! Very retro...and looks familiar for some reason ;).



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