Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is my duck. His name is Deuce. My husband got him for me as an Easter gift last year. He actually gave me two of them, but Daisy (the female) recently died. He really misses her. He went through a few weeks of depression over it...no seriously...he did. He stopped eating and kept getting really weak (somedays he couldn't even stand up). He's okay now. It has been really fun watching them grow from little ducklings into the big ducks they are now.

The reason I have a duck is because I am allergic to fur and this is really the only pet I could have (no reptiles for me). ha ha I would hope that everyone would get the chance to have somekind of pet at least once in their lives.


  1. Your duck is SO Cute! I have always loved ducks and geese. So sorry to hear that Daisy died. That's so sad. Animals really do grieve when they lose their companion. I had two Jack Russell terriers once...and the female was very nervous, and sad for a few weeks, searching for the male, after he passed away. It was heart wrenching.

    I think pets are the greatest therapy for everyone...they love you unconditionally and bring such joy to life...

  2. I love your journal page! I Love the blue with the fish added to it. How creative you are!! I am so sorry about Daisy. You are good-hearted to take care of them for so long. So many people buy ducks and rabbits for Easter, but don't anticipate how long they can actually live. I hope Deuce has many happy years to come!



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